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Louisville Metro Saves Again On 24th Auction With eBridge

Louisville Metro is a longtime partner of eBridge and has saved on products ranging from police vehicles to road salt. This time they needed to purchase 1,000 digital cameras and cases, and so once again turned to eBridge to find them a great value contract. This auction had 7 suppliers competing for their business and the incumbent  supplier won the business.  Overall, Louisville saved $64,000 (35%) on the purchase, and got to stay with their current supplier.

A Kentucky Hospital gets a Computer Upgrade, and a Great Price

This Hospital’s first auction with eBridge was a huge success!  5 Suppliers placed 262 bids on multiple line items consisting of computers, tablets, and peripherals.  This 47 minute bid had 40 first place turnovers and the lowest spread between 1st and 2nd place at 0.01%! The hospital logged in over $90,000 in savings for this contract.

Arizona University Projects Savings with eBridge Partnership

An Arizona University partnered with eBridge, on their 2nd event, for the purchase of 91 Panasonic Projectors.  The purchase price included a 4-year factory authorized warranty.   Of the 8 participating suppliers, one was not approved through their corporate office to participate in a reverse auction.  eBridge offered the option to enter their “one-and-done” bid, which is similar to the traditional paper process of submitting one bid.   The supplier did not miss the opportunity to gain the Universities business and participated by entering their final bid.  During the 53 minute competitive event, 106 bids were placed with 24 first place turnovers and a spread of 0.13% between 1st and 2nd place, showing true market value.

A Private Indiana Company Saves Big on Their 2nd eBridge Reverse Auction

A private Indiana company employed eBridge’s reverse auction process to acquire 45 new Scienscope Cameras and Dell Monitors.  There were 6 participating suppliers that placed: 138 bids, with 29 time extensions, and 30 first place turnovers. The competitive bidding ended with 1 penny separating the 1st and 2nd place suppliers. The Indiana company saved 22% off their budgeted value with their second bid with eBridge.

California University Saves Big on Copiers with eBridge

A California University needed 93 copiers, and wanted the option to lease or purchase. There were eight suppliers approved to participate in the bid, which lasted for an hour and 13 minutes. The bidding was competitive, with 199 total bids and 14 first place turnovers. The spread between 1st and 2nd place was a only 0.65%, demonstrating true market value. eBridge’s process helped the university save 33% versus their budget, on their first auction.

West Coast Hospital Uses Reverse Auction to Save on Technology Purchase

Last week a west coast hospital system purchased 220 LCD televisions.  The specifications required the televisions to be hospital grade, ensuring they were appropriate to outfit hospital rooms and medical facilities.   Specifications also included a request for installation cost.  The online bid environment listed two line items for suppliers to bid on selected elements.

During the live reverse auction event, the five suppliers placed 61 total bids.  In a paper bid process, the hospital would have only received five total bids, giving suppliers only one opportunity to submit pricing and compete for business.  First place changed hands 15 times.  At the conclusion of the reverse auction event, first and second place were separated by a mere 0.12% indicating true market value was achieved.  Final pricing yielded a 6% savings versus budget.

Higher Education uses Reverse Auction to Purchase LCD TV’s

Today eBridge ran an event for a university hospital to purchase LCD TV’s. The televisions will outfit patient rooms in the new medical facility at the university. Prior to the bidding event, the buyer received a sample of the televisions each vendor was bidding on to make sure the electrical adaptors fit the wiring of the rooms.

The buyer approved 11 suppliers to participate in the event. During the bidding event the suppliers placed 196 bids total. First place changed hands 55 times, with first and second place being separated by a mere 0.15%, indicating true market value was found. At the conclusion of the one-hour fifteen-minute bid, the final low bid was 30% lower than the university’s estimated budget.

State of South Carolina Saves over $1 million through Reverse Auction Purchasing

Columbia, SC, August 3, 2010–With reports of budget crises in nearly every state, the state government of South Carolina is taking action by incorporating cutting edge technology and industry best practices to increase efficiencies in its purchasing process. One major addition to its purchasing techniques is the reverse auction.

A reverse auction is a secure, real-time electronic sealed bid platform that allows suppliers to place multiple bids, rather than the one price per supplier response traditionally used in the paper bid process.

In July 2009, the State of South Carolina engaged eBridge Business Solutions, a proven eProcurement services provider, through a state contract. Since the inception of the contract, the State has utilized the reverse auction process for purchases budgeted at $5,344,000, resulting in over $1 million or 20.8% savings versus budget.

This savings was achieved over the course of 11 events between the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Information Technology Management Office (ITMO) on behalf of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Coastal Carolina University, Trident Tech, Midlands Tech, and Department of Natural Resources. A total of seven state organizations have utilized the reverse auction process.

“The State of South Carolina serves as a model for other states by incorporating best practices in purchasing through the reverse auction process”, said Jim Headlee, CEO of eBridge, “We commend State leadership for leveraging technology to be responsible stewards of tax payer dollars.”

The State is scheduled to run several more items this year as well as other city and local government organizations.

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Need a Laptop?

Have you bought any computers lately? Last Thursday a Michigan school system saved approximately 13.5% on their purchase. Combined there were a total of 52 personal computers to be purchased, both laptops and desktops.

eBridge brought 4 suppliers to the table. First place turned over nine times and the clock extended 22 times. This Michigan school system used our platform to save substantial funds that can now be used in other avenues.

You may not be in the market to purchase computers but our platform is far from limited. We’ve done anything from chickens to heavy equipment. So keep us bookmarked for any of your future purchases where savings is paramount.

West coast school district teams with BidBridge to save big through reverse auction

It's no secret that school districts across the country are facing teacher layoffs, school closings and a decrease in extra-curricular programs due to severe budget cuts.

According to a recent article on AOL News California's education budget was cut by $17 billion over the past two years and will be cut another $2.4 billion this year... and more than 23,500 pink slips have been handed out to school employees'

But despite the gloomy headlines, one large school district is taking action. They have teamed with BidBridge to purchase several items including janitorial paper, craft supplies, game rugs and most recently an internet content filtering solution. With an average net savings of 14% on everything run through the process, examining your budget for items appropriate for the reverse auction process should be a no-brainer.

Event Summary: Internet Content Filtering Solution

During a recent event the seven suppliers placed bids on 5 line items comprising the content filtering solution. The contract is for three years.

First place changed hands 46 times and 546 bids were placed during the one hour 38 minute event.

Final price yielded 49% savings versus budget.

So next time you head read a headline about a school closing, see if they're using reverse auctions. Who knows, it could mean a better education for your children and saved jobs.