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Oregon City Saves 35% on New Benches & Bleachers

A city in Oregon partnered with eBridge to purchase benches and bleachers at fair market value. eBridge worked with the city to gather 7 participating suppliers for the reverse auction event. After 364 separate bids, 43 extensions, and 35 first place turnovers, the city was able to save $26,000. The final spread of only 0.0013% showed they had achieved their goal.

DePauw University – Fitness Equipment

eBridge collaborated with DePauw University for the purchase of fitness equipment, for an addition to their main athletic facility.  Our Specifications Development Team used a 16-point checklist to review the equipment list and specifications provided by DePauw. The team then created a draft document to be reviewed and approved by DePauw.

Since there were over 100 items to be purchased, it was determined the items would be separated by lot and participating suppliers must be able to provide all equipment in a lot in order to be approved to bid.

The bid opportunity was initially released to 46 suppliers.  Eight of the 46 suppliers submitted a response.  eBridge then compiled a Response Summary detailing all information submitted, information omitted, and items each supplier would bid, along with possible item substitutions.

DePauw approved all 8 suppliers to participate in the live reverse auction.  Suppliers received a one-on-one tutorial about the eBridge online process, as well as, an Excel spreadsheet created to allow them to modify their unit pricing while giving an overall total for the lot and quantities.  This spreadsheet was sent to DePauw once the live reverse auction closed.

The reverse auction generated 121 lowering bids from the 8 suppliers and lasted 29 minutes.  There were two first-place turnovers and 33 extensions. The final spread between the first and second place suppliers was .0153%.

As a value added service, eBridge provided a detailed report for the reverse auction in a FTP file for easy accessibility. The report contained all pricing information submitted during the reverse auction, including pricing and literature for substituted items.

After review and discussion of the results, DePauw University awarded the bid to four suppliers based on “best value”.

Quote from Dick Shuck, Director of Business Services:

 “We found this entire process to be quite interesting, and would like to compliment you on all of the assistance provided, and your professionalism.   It has been a pleasure working with the eBridge team and we look forward to future opportunities to utilize eBridge again.”

South Carolina Correctional Facility Saves 41% With Their 50th eBridge Auction

Congratulations to a Correctional Facility in South Carolina for running their 50th auction with eBridge!  This auction, for sports bras, netted them a tremendous 41% savings over a five year contract.  Three suppliers were approved to participate and generated 112 bids with 74 first place turnovers.  They are very happy with the results. eBridge is proud to be a partner and we are looking forward to the next 50!

Exercise Equipment: a perfect fit for eAuctions

BidBridge recently partnered with a community college system to purchase 150 of two different models of elliptical machines to outfit their college system’s fitness centers.

The reverse auction event lasted just 36 minutes with first place changing hands nine times. The four participating suppliers placed 43 bids total on the two types of machines.

The bid ended with the final low bid 24.9% lower than the school system’s budgeted amount! The savings will go directly back in to the school’s budget in order to provide additional programming in their fitness centers.