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Southern College saves 28% on Residence Hall Furniture

When a private southern college needed new residence hall furniture, they worked with eBridge to bring 5 buyers to the auction, who placed 176 bids in 24 minutes! With a spread between 1st -2nd place of 1.05% and savings over 28%, the college was able to pick the student’s favorite furniture from a vendor, who consequently was not the lowest bidder, for far less than their original budget.

City in Florida Finds More Savings with eBridge

After partnering with eBridge for the 8th time, a Florida City finds even more savings using reverse auctions. Having had other successful projects (fertilizer & cement), the city once again turned to eBridge to find a supplier for its flooring project. In a quick auction of only 31 minutes the city was able to save 7% on the flooring project. The auction had 29 bids from 5 participating suppliers.

Oregon City Saves 35% on New Benches & Bleachers

A city in Oregon partnered with eBridge to purchase benches and bleachers at fair market value. eBridge worked with the city to gather 7 participating suppliers for the reverse auction event. After 364 separate bids, 43 extensions, and 35 first place turnovers, the city was able to save $26,000. The final spread of only 0.0013% showed they had achieved their goal.

Michigan City Saves Some Green on New Painting Contract

A Michigan Township came to eBridge to procure a contract to paint its Water Storage Tank. After identifying potential sources, eBridge hosted a reverse auction for the participating 3 suppliers. After the 373 bids were placed, the Township had saved over 13% on budget equating to almost $17,000. The auction had 88 first place turnovers, and the final spread was only 0.0074%.

School District Paves the Way to Huge Savings with eBridge

An Illinois school district saved $114,000 on a paving maintenance contract in a reverse auction with eBridge. Thanks to the reverse auction event, the school district saved 48% of its budget. The 8 participating suppliers offered up 843 bids in only 31 minutes, including 68 first place turnovers and 11 extensions. The final first-second place spread was only 0.0061% confirming that the auction helped them achieve true market value.

Federal Bureau of Prisons Saves Half a Million with eBridge

The Federal Bureau of Prisons saved $484,000 on a roofing project using eBridge’s reverse auction services. The 15% savings on budget came from a competitive auction among 4 participating suppliers. There were a total of 129 bids with 101 extensions before the final close. In the end the 16 first place turnovers lead to a spread of only 0.0041% between first and second place, showing that the Bureau achieved true market value.

Care Center Saves 27% on Window Purchase

A Kentucky Care Center partnered with eBridge to purchase new windows using the reverse auction process. The auction had 13 participating suppliers and last for a toal of 55 minutes. During the auction there were 65 bids placed leading to 9 first place turnovers, 63 bidding time extensions, and a spread between first and second place of only 0.0028%. In the end the Care Center ended up saving over $24,000 and beat their budget by 27%.

Reverse Auction Saves CA University 35% on Portable Restroom Rentals and Related Services

Although eBridge’s preference is to source 5 suppliers per bid, this bid proves that it only takes 2 aggressive suppliers competing to achieve true-market value to get great results.  eBridge sourced and invited 27 suppliers to participate in this event but because several of them could only supply part of the required services, only 2 were approved for participation.  However, during the 23 minute reverse auction, these 2 suppliers placed 142 bids resulting in 38 first-place turnovers.  The spread between 1st and 2nd place was 0.57%.  If awarded to the lowest bidder, the University will save at least $83,809 or 35% on the 5-year service Agreement.

CA University’s World Brightens Up After Saving $40,000 Through eBridge’s Reverse Auction on Specialty Parking Garage Lighting

The University Facilities Department identified a specific lighting fixture for use in its garage structure.  The bid required a specific luminaire from a specific manufacturer, which can be challenging when sourcing for reverse auction.  However, since there are multiple suppliers of this particular manufacturer’s brand, eBridge was able to source and invite 55 suppliers to participate.  Of the 6 suppliers that did respond to the bid, 5 participated in the live event.  During the 35 minute event, 60 bids were placed resulting in 24 first-place turnovers.  The final spread between 1st and 2nd place was 0.13% ($1.00 price difference per unit).  Based on an average estimated retail price for this particular luminaire, this University will save $40,000 on their purchase.

15.6% Saving for a Southern Indiana Company on their Flat IDC Wire Cables

A Southern Indiana Company partnered with eBridge for the 3rd time, to procure their Flat IDC Wire Cables. There were 3 participating suppliers in this event, which lasted for 28 minutes. Forty-two bids were placed, with a spread of 7.53% between 1st and 2nd place. The Southern Indiana Company saved 15.6% on their budgeted value, and was pleased with the process.