Rock Salt Bid Saves City 10% through Reverse Auction

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rock Salt Bid Saves City 10% through Reverse Auction

A Kentucky city partnered with eBridge to purchase their road salt in preparation for the winter months.  eBridge ran this same bid last year and the city knew the reverse auction process was necessary for their city to purchase the salt at a competitive price point.

eBridge’s team of purchasing professionals sourced suppliers for this bid, with four being chosen by the city to participate.

During the bidding event, a total of 160 bids were placed among the four suppliers, resulting in 80 first place turnovers and 59 extension of the clock, indicating the suppliers were ready to compete for this business.

At the conclusion of the bid, the city had realized a 10% savings versus last year’s pricing, indicating that while they purchased competitively last year through the reverse auction, they achieved true market value for their purchase for both this year and last.