Poultry supplier uses reverse auction to purchase packaging materials

Monday, November 1, 2010

Poultry supplier uses reverse auction to purchase packaging materials

It’s no surprise that a company that prides itself in being an “innovator in the production and marketing of premium, value-added chicken products”, partnered with eBridge to purchase their stretch film for meat packaging.

The reverse auction is becoming the industry standard for purchasing professionals and this poultry company knew the reverse auction process fit with their company values to be “at the forefront of many of the industry’s top production and packaging solutions” by partnering with eBridge on this purchase.

Not only did eBridge help the organization save nearly 13% on the purchase of stretch film for their meat packaging, but eBridge brought more suppliers to the bid, ensuring this company achieved true market value for their purchase.

In a traditional paper bid process, the company would have only received 9 bids, which was the total number of suppliers.  But with the reverse auction, the company received 72 bids from the nine suppliers.

Because if the efficiency and financial success of this bid, the company is poised to have a long relationship with the reverse auction process, allowing them to operate more efficiently and profitably, still producing the same quality product as they always have.