Paper Bids Serve A Purpose

Friday, July 23, 2010

Paper Bids Serve A Purpose

Yesterday eBridge ran a bid for a school district in Illinois and saved them 27% on their budgeted price. Our faithful operations team sourced five copy paper suppliers and four of them bid in the auction. The suppliers bid a total of 99 times and first place changed 27 times.

A neighboring school system put out a bid for copy paper through the traditional paper bid process where suppliers may only submit one bid in order to win the business.

The school system that purchased the copy paper through the paper bid process paid $29.50 per case and our client paid $27.43, which is a savings of 7%. See, the paper bid does have a purpose. Its purpose here was to serve as a reference point.

The real savings is through eBridge and our reverse auctions. Have a great weekend!