City of Denver Acquires State of the Art Security Equipment Using eBridge Reverse Auction Platform

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

City of Denver Acquires State of the Art Security Equipment Using eBridge Reverse Auction Platform

Sees a 45 Percent Budget Savings on Walk-Thru Metal Detectors; 27 Percent Savings Overall

DENVER, Sept. 15 /PRNewswire/ — While constructing a brand new courthouse for the merged city/county government, Denver officials were looking for innovative ways to help them procure expensive, high-tech security equipment. To satisfy the new courthouse’s security needs, Denver needed to purchase five pieces of security equipment in varying quantities. The equipment evaluated included whole body imagers, conveyor-type x-ray machines, walk-thru metal detectors and dual- and single-entry employee restricted access turnstile gates.

To assist them in their procurement process, the City of Denver engaged Louisville-based eBridge, a proven eProcurement services provider for the public and private sectors. eBridge facilitates a secure, real-time electronic sealed bid platform that allows suppliers to place multiple bids, which provides an alternative to the public sector’s traditional process of a one price per supplier response.

On July 7, Denver used eBridge’s reverse auction process to procure the high-tech security systems at a competitive price, achieving a 27 percent savings against the overall budget. The savings made it possible for Denver to afford the most cutting-edge, efficient technology for the courthouse.

Denver attained the highest savings on its walk-thru metal detectors, where five suppliers competed, logging 24 bids, six first-place turnovers and 50 time extensions during the reverse auction. A 1.79 percent difference between first and second place serves as proof that the City of Denver reached true market value, saving 45 percent against budget on the item.

eBridge CEO Jim Headlee remarked, “Denver has proven to be a leader in innovative procurement practices. It is exciting to work with a city such as Denver because of its commitment to spending tax payer dollars responsibly.”

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