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A California State University Saves 32% on Their 1st eBridge Reverse Auction

A California State University, partnered with eBridge to procure their BetaLED Parking and Area Lighting. The event lasted for 41 minutes, with 8 participating suppliers. There were 223 bids placed with 8 first place turnovers, allowing for a competitive bid. The spread between 1st and 2nd place was 3.72%. The university saved 32% on their first budget value, with their first reverse auction with eBridge.

1st Reverse Auction for Indiana Company

A private New Albany, IN company recently utilized the reverse auction process to acquire 177 workstations for assembly. Through eBridge’s assistance they were able to develop their specifications to better qualify their suppliers. Through this qualification process, 3 suppliers participated, placing 116 bids. The event lasted a little over an hour, with 1st place exchanging hands 17 times. The company is pleased with the results, and saved 10.43% on their budgeted price through their first auction with eBridge.

Reverse Auctions for Hotel Room Furniture

Last week eBridge ran a second event for a large hotel chain to purchase furniture for their second phase of rooms.  These rooms were larger, therefore different styles of furniture were outlined in the specifications.  The same suppliers were approved to bid on the project.  Each had set up a demo room in the hotel so the purchasing team could visualize the set up and evaluate the quality of the goods prior to the companies responding to the bid specifications.

The live event ran just over an hour, with the three suppliers placing 43 bids total.  First place changed hands 26 times and first and second place bidders were separated by a mere 1.5%, indicating that true market value was achieved.  At the conclusion of the reverse auction event, the final low bid was 16.95% below budget.

The hotel organization is slated to run several more bids this month including other building and renovation materials.

Community Bank Uses Reverse Auction Process to Purchase ATM Machines

Earlier this week eBridge ran an auction for a regional bank for the purchase of ATM machines.  The bank needed to purchase 20 new machines to comply with new ADA standards.

Due to internal software integration, the company solicited two vendors of these highly specified machines.  During the auction event the two suppliers place one lowering bid each, for a total of 4 bids throughout the course of the 30 minute bidding event.  Although the bid was not very active by eBridge reverse auction standards, the customer was floored by the results.

Because this is a community bank, any savings and efficiencies the bank creates in procurement directly affect its ability to enrich its local community.  At the conclusion of the event, the customer was very pleased.  But don’t take it from us!  Here’s what the chief procurement officer had to say:

That was some really cool stuff today. I know Jim thought it could have been more exciting but believe me, we were thrilled. I can’t imagine how an “exciting” one would be…I’m touting this as a $400,000 savings Covers my salary for several years.  Thanks again!”

County Saves 27% on Early Warning System with BidBridge

In the county’s first event with BidBridge, six suppliers competed for the installation of an early warning system for the County.

Suppliers submitted pricing for 5 elements, including 15 2-way electronic digital sirens,  2-part control packages for two control point locations, 15 concrete pole packages, 15 steel pole packages and 15 wood pole packages.  In addition to the hardware, the pole packages included delivery and installation.

The most competitive element of the early warning system proved to be 2-part control packages for the two control point locations.  The six suppliers placed a total of 53 bids, resulting in 13 first place turn-overs and 37 time extensions.  First and second place were separated by only 0.28%, indicating that true market value had been achieved.

Overall, the county enjoyed a 27% savings versus budget on the entire early warning system package.

City Purchases Emergency Generator through Reverse Auction Process

A medium sized southern town partnered with BidBridge to purchase an emergency generator.

Eight suppliers competed to supply the emergency generator for the city.  The bidding lasted just over an hour, with a total of 86 bids placed and 11 first place turnovers.  The result was just 0.72% margin between first and second place bids, indicating that true market value had been achieved for the generator.  Additionally, the city achieved a 31% savings versus budget for the item.

State University Partners with eBridge to Save 25% on Swimming Pool Covers

When a large state university needed to purchase pool covers for their swimming facility, they enlisted the expertise of eBridge and its purchasing strategy to get the job done.

Three suppliers competed on three different swimming pool covers, each varying in size and specifications.

The largest swimming pool cover in the bid yielded eight first place turnovers with 21 total bids, resulting in 26 time extensions. At the conclusion of the bid, a mere 1.8% difference between first and second place bids, indicating that true market value had been achieved. The overall savings for the three swimming pool covers combined was nearly 25% versus budget.