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Airport Runways

What are you going to the airport for, flyin’ somewhere? In an auction for a city airport we were successful yet again. The auction was for a runway deicer unit used to keep those icy runways dry and keep those flight delays short.

Three suppliers and 61 bids later the winning bidder came in 30% lower than the budgeted price. We average a savings of 14% but this turnout isn’t a rare occurrence for us. Whether you’re icing or deicing we’re your procurement manager.

eBridge saves West Coast City 29% versus budget through Reverse Auction Services

This city partnered with eBridge for the purchase of 400 fuel operated coolant heaters, with specifications for 200, 300 GPH capacity and 200, 120 GPH capacity.

BidBridge sourced 35 suppliers for the bid, with six suppliers approved by the buyer to participate.  The 56 minute bidding event yielded 98 bids, 18 first place turn overs and 47 time extensions.

The competitive bid environment yielded 1.15% between first and second place suppliers, indicating true market value had been achieved for the city’s purchase.  The overall savings versus budget was 29.17%, presenting a compelling case for the city to award the bid.

Southern California School District Purchases Vehicles through Reverse Auction

Pricing beats state contract prices for vehicles

A southern California school district partnered with eBridge, for the purchase of 2010 and 2011 model vehicles.  Two suppliers competed to supply the following:

2 cargo vans

2, ¾ ton pick-up trucks

1, 1-ton crew cab with standard pick-up

3, 1-ton crew cab and chassis

The event lasted 2 hours and 36 minutes, yielding 145 bids, 112 time extensions and 73 first place turnovers. The two suppliers’ prices were separated by only 0.04%, indicating true market value for the vehicles was achieved.

Overall, the school district achieved 34% savings versus budget.

It is important to note that the school district had the opportunity to purchase the vehicles through the pricing established by the city. The city’s pricing was established in 2008, when the price of vehicles was soft due to the state of the automotive industry at that time. Even compared with the pricing established by the city last year, the bid still achieved 34% savings.

Additionally, the two automotive dealers participating in the event were excited about the process and are looking forward to participating in another bid with eBridge.

Maryland County Government Partners with eBridge to Purchase Equipment

In the county’s second event with eBridge, four suppliers competed for the purchase of one rubber tire wheel loader.  The one hour, five minute event yielded 85 total bids with 39 first place turnovers and 58 time extensions, allowing the four suppliers to compete in real-time for the contract.

During the event the average bid drop was $2349 per bid and at the conclusion of the event first and second place bidders were separated by only $1.00!

The county achieved approximately a $10,000 savings on the wheel loader, and was assured it received true market value with the $1 differential between first and second place.

An Oklahoma City Partners with BidBridge to Purchase Heavy Equipment

This Oklahoma town engaged BidBridge for the purchase of three dump trucks.  Five suppliers participated in the event.

The event lasted 54 minutes yielding 72 bids, 15 first-place-turn-overs.  The clock extended 22 times, allowing the five suppliers to continue to submit competitive pricing.  At the conclusion of the event, first and second place bidders were separated by 0.01%, indicating to the city that true market value for the dump trucks had been achieved.

Midwestern State Purchases Police Equipment through BidBridge’s Reverse Auction Process

This Midwestern state engaged BidBridge to purchase duty boots for its police force. The bid consisted of four line items: male duty boots, female duty boots, male shoes and female shoes. The bid also included an option for oversized charges for shoes over size 15.

A total of 5 suppliers competed on the four line items, totaling 1050 pairs of both shoes and boots. Four of the five suppliers were in state vendors with the fifth supplier being located in the neighboring state.

The 44 minute event yielded 40 bids placed for the male and female boots and 50 total bids for the male and female shoes. The lace up duty boots (male and female) proved to be the most competitive elements of the bid, both resulting in 25 first place turnovers and 42 time extensions.

At the conclusion of the event, the state had saved nearly 34% versus budget for the 1050 pairs of police boots. With a 0.02% and 0.3% difference between first and second place for the duty boots and shoes, respectively, the state can feel confident true market value was achieved through partnering with BidBridge for this purchase.

State DOT Purchases Self Propelled Milling Machine through BidBridge

A state Department of Transportation partnered with BidBridge to purchase a self-propelled milling machine.

This piece of equipment is produced in three sizes: small, medium and large. The DOT wanted to purchase a medium-sized milling machine, of which only three suppliers exist in the US. For this piece of equipment only two of the three suppliers were capable of meeting the specifications.

In the 57 minute event, the two suppliers placed 86 bids, yielding 34 first place turn-overs and 38 time extensions. At the conclusion of the event, the two suppliers were separated by a mere 0.05%, indicating to the DOT that true market value had been achieved. The final savings was 9% versus budget.

City in Indiana Partners with BidBridge to Purchase Heavy Equipment

This Indiana city hosted its first event with BidBridge for the purchase of a portable trommel  screening machine.

BidBridge sourced 9 suppliers, with two being approved by the buyer.   The event lasted 38 minutes, yielding 42 bids, 15 first place turn-overs and 17 time extensions.

Due to the high unemployment rates and depressed local economy, this Indiana city received a great amount of media attention this year, and was profiled in the New York Times late last year as the “white-hot center of the meltdown of the American economy”.

By engaging BidBridge, the city has proven that its leadership is making strides to save tax payer dollars and cut costs.  BidBridge has a proven track record of 10-15% savings on hosted events and was able to deliver significant savings for the city and ultimately the tax payers of Indiana.

City Purchases Emergency Generator through Reverse Auction Process

A medium sized southern town partnered with BidBridge to purchase an emergency generator.

Eight suppliers competed to supply the emergency generator for the city.  The bidding lasted just over an hour, with a total of 86 bids placed and 11 first place turnovers.  The result was just 0.72% margin between first and second place bids, indicating that true market value had been achieved for the generator.  Additionally, the city achieved a 31% savings versus budget for the item.

City Saves 11% on Trash Hauling Equipment through Reverse Auction

In this city’s second event with BidBridge, 3 suppliers competed on a bid for 1,000 96-gallon and 100 64-gallon garbage carts.   The city needed the items to upgrade their current supply and add additional to compensate for the increased number of residents.

During the 34 minute event, a total of 10 bids were placed, resulting in 4 time extensions.  At the conclusion of the event, the City had saved over 11% versus their initial budgeted amount for both the 64 gallon and the 96 gallon garbage carts.