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Vendors compete real time, online.


Vendors always know where they rank.


Buyers average 14% net savings.

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Are you are getting market value on every purchase?

Do you need to cut costs without sacrificing quality? 

Could more vendors compete for your business?

Reverse Auction is your answer.

People. Process. Partner.

Successful reverse auctions are about the people and the process not just the platform. eBridge partners with you and humanizes the process.

No Cost. No Software. No Risk.

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With a clear picture of where they rank in the negotiation process, your vendors will get unlimited chances to lower their price. Our 100% transparent process allows each vendor a fair chance to earn your business.

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Average eBridge Results:

120Lowering Bids

6Particpating Vendors

0.9 1st & 2nd Place Spread

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Private Sector

Wow, another incredible experience! Thank you ALL for your assistance, your professionalism, and most of all, for your dedication on this 10th consecutive chemical bid. I truly felt like I had a whole team of experts working with me and you made the process simple, efficient, and quite successful, I might add!

Alie Bahsoon, Purchasing Manager, City of Fort Smith, AR

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